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About Us

C6 Composite Tooling is proud member of  Techniks Tool Group.

C6 provides specialized cutting tool solutions to optimize the machining of modern light-weight materials increasingly used in aerospace, automotive, defense, medical, and energy industry sectors. C6 tooling is used to machine materials such as CFRP (carbon fiber reinforced polymers), GFRP (glass fiber reinforced polymers), CSMS (carbon fiber sheet molding compounds), PEEK (polyether ether ketone), honeycomb and stacked materials, and many other grades of thermosets and thermoplastics. C6 engineers carefully match tool geometry and operational parameters with the material being machined to maximize cutting rate, increase tool life, improve resultant surface finish, and generate cost efficiencies.

Our unique cutting tool solutions include the Straight & Curve saw blade, integrated cutting tool and aggregate head assemblies, solid carbide roughing and finishing tools, chamfer tools, and PCD (polycrystalline diamond) cutting tools. In addition, we offer many coatings that enhance the performance of the cutting and tool and extend tool life. 

C6 engages directly with some of the largest aerospace, automotive, and energy manufacturers in the world.

Our Mission

At C6, our mission is to provide high-quality and innovative cutting tool solutions that optimize manufacturing processes for customers engaged in the machining of composite materials and plastics to meet the most challenging applications, improve machining processes, and create cost efficiencies. We build long-term and valued relationships by providing superior customer service, knowledgeable applications support, and productivity enhancing solutions tailored to meet our customer’s specific application.

Industries Served


Our combination cutting tool and aggregate head solutions for machining carbon and SMC components have resulted in great time and cost savings for customers involved in automotive machining. For example, pressing tools can be designed much more cost-effectively due to the elimination of slides. Furthermore, the elimination of manual grinding work when, for example, inserting edge radii, saves labor costs and significantly increases process reliability.

Application examples:

  • Rework-free machining of edge radii on body components, e.g. front covers or hoods
  • Rework-free insertion of cut-outs with edge radius, e.g. at the cut-out of a third brake light lamp
  • Insertion of grooves with tolerated depth, e.g. groove for fastening spoilers
  • Drilling and countersinking in one operation
  • Milling and drilling in difficult to reach areas of parts


Our probe milling and countersinking units (TFA and TSA) as well as our angle heads are used worldwide to process components from the aerospace industry economically. Eliminating the need for repeated measurement operations and manual rework has generated savings of over 85% in processing time.

Application examples:

  • Precise depth control of countersinks in uneven materials such as composites or aluminum
  • Machining of honeycomb materials in engine casings
  • Machining grooves with precise depth, e.g. a circumferential groove on an engine housing
  • Milling and drilling in difficult to reach areas of parts


By using our floating head aggregates and angle heads, many machining processes can be carried out much more economically. The focus here is on drastically reducing or eliminating the times for measuring as well as manual reworking.

Application examples:

  • Machining the inner webs at the ends of the side walls
  • Machining the inside webs on the window cut-outs
  • Machining cut-outs on the C-profiles
  • Levelling of the welding seams
  • Drilling and countersinking in one operation
  • Milling and drilling in difficult to reach areas of parts


The use of light-weight composite materials has increased in defense-related manufacturing presenting unique challenges for manufacturers seeking to deliver the highest quality results and contain costs. Our specialized cutting tools, often used in combination with an aggregate head such as a floating aggregate, help improve surface quality, reduce fiber pullout, and reduce the need for frequent measurement and manual rework.

Application examples:

  • Precise depth control of countersinks in uneven materials such as composites and aluminum
  • Machining honeycomb materials
  • Machining helicopter rotor blades
  • Production of body and vehicle armor


The growth of renewable energy such as wind power has led to the increased use of composite materials to provide structural components that are lightweight yet also possess the strength for years of durable performance in often challenging environments. 

Application examples:

  • Machine wind turbine rotor blades
  • Production of composite structural components and housings
  • Machining down-hole components and tubing

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