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For processing materials with high and low fibre content:

  • RTM
  • Prepreg
  • Thermosets
  • Copper mesh
  • Elastic overlays
  • Honeycomb
  • SMC


  • New tooth design enables highest feed rates with best cut quality
  • Narrow cutting widths reduce dust emissions
  • Saws with cutting widths from 2.5 mm can be used for 5-axis machining. Thus curves can be sawed
Part No.ØCutting WidthMax. Material ThicknessMounting ØVersion
60002250401,2 + 0,2510straight
60001930701,2 + 0,21016straight
60003163702 + 0,21516straight & curve
60003467902 + 0,22022straight & curve

See How Straight & Curve Works

Cutting Straight Path in CFRP

CFRP at 10 meters/minute

CFRP at 15 meters/minute

CFRP at 20 meters/minute

Can your saw do this?

Straight & Curve cutting long piece of CFRP

Straight & Curve cutting radiused path in CFRP

Cutting straight and radiused path in CFRP

Cutting straight path in CFRP

Cutting radiused and straight path in long CFRP workpiece

Cutting radiused path in long CFRP workpiece

Resulting surface finish of a CFRP stack

Cutting radiused path in CFRP

Cutting Sample 1

Cutting Sample 2

Cutting Sample 3

Cutting Sample 4

Cutting Sample 5

Cutting Sample 6