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Thermoplastics Tooling

C6 Thermoplastics Program

The milling of polymers involves some special features.  Compared to metals, plastics exhibit a much lower thermal conductivity.  Therefore, the heat created during the machining process must be evacuated via the chip.  For this task, C6 Composite Tooling provides milling cutters that are perfectly matched to the respective material and that guarantee high feed rates together with an optimal surface quality.


  • VHW tool body made of tungsten carbide
    specially suited for processing thermoplastics
  • The cutting edge geometry, the polished chip or free surfaces and the positive twist angle


  • For processing thermoplastics such as
    PMMA, PC, PE, PP, PS, ABS and PVC
  • Taking the machining parameters into
    account, an almost transparent narrow
    surface is achieved with acrylic glass in
    conjunction with good workpiece and
    tool clamping