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AirPRO NUT - The BEST Dust Evacuation Solution for CNC Routers

Standard dust collection systems generally do not remove 100% of dust, especially when performing machining operations that create excessive amounts of debris.

Without an effective dust evacuation method this left-over debris can build up, negatively impacting workplace safety and production. 

Reasons to prioritize Dust Evacuation include health, safety, and performance:

  • Dust from composite materials can create health and safety hazards
  • Exposure to airborne dust can cause serious respiratory issues
  • Dust on floors can create slip and fall hazards around sharp tools and dangerous machinery
  • Debris can prevent running at optimal cutting parameters
  • Obstructed cutting paths can effect cut quality
  • Reduces overall cutting tool life – increasing costs!

AirPRO Nut Ejects Debris from Cutting Path.

airpro nut ejecting dust from cutting path of composite material

The AirPRO nut uses the rotation of the spindle along with the turbine-shape of the nut to create a powerful suction that pulls the dust off the surface of the material and directs it into the exhaust hood of the machine.



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