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C6 Specialized Solutions for Composite Machining : Tailored to your applications to deliver results.

C6 Composite Tooling provides solutions tailored to your applications to deliver results. Here are a few examples of how the engineers at C6 have helped our customers meet the most demanding composite machining challenges.

Check out how our specialized tooling is helping our customers turn FRUSTRATION into FANTASTIC!

The Issue: A customer needed to machine GFRP holding the thickness to a specific tolerance and produce clean, pullout-free edges. The customer had been considering three operations for the machining (top, bottom, and edge). Also, given the amount of material being machined, dust control was a concern.

The Solution: C6 designed an integrated diamond cutting tool, tool holder, and dust extraction nut that performed all machining in one operation. The edge cutting area of the cutting tool was given a compression design to prevent tear-out on the top and bottom of the material. The dust extraction nut helped direct dust into the machine’s dust hood minimizing dust contamination.

The Result: Perfect, smooth cut quality, dramatically decreased cycle times requiring only one operation as opposed to three, and superior dust containment.

The Issue: An aerospace manufacturer needed to machine the profile on a long structural CFRP component. The cut quality had to be completely free of fiber pullout. The customer had decided to use a saw blade for the cuts since it would be faster than using a milling tool, but limitations in coolant delivery resulted in less-than-optimal feeds and speeds.

The Solution: C6 designed an integrated slitting saw blade and special arbor to deliver coolant to both side of the saw blade during machining.

The Result: The slitting saw was able to produce perfect, pullout-free cuts. By delivering coolant to both sides of the saw blade feeds and speeds were significantly increased meeting the tight time challenges. Having solved the challenges, the customer was able to confirm
“We have lift off!”

The Issue: A automotive manufacturer was looking to improve their machining of GFRP suspension components. Four operations were required: center drilling, drilling, reaming, and chamfering. The customer wanted to reduce cycle times and cutting tool costs.

The Solution: C6 designed a cutting tool that combined all machining operations in one step. Coolant ports were added to provide lubricity to the cut and help control dust. A special diamond-like coating was added to extend tool life in the abrasive GFRP material.

The Result: The customer was able to combine all four operations (center drill, drill, ream, and chamfer) into one operation resulting in drastically improved production times. Dust was effectively controlled with proper coolant delivery and total tooling cost were reduced thanks to the durability of the diamond-like coating.



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