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Speed-Up Your Composite Cutting with C6 Straight and Curve!

When working with composite materials, your standard carbide and diamond-tipped saw blades are great for making linear cuts, but cutting curves can require multiple tool changes and extra machining steps to achieve the radial cut you require.

By design, standard saw bodies have a tendency to rub against the workpiece, creating friction and heat that can damage thermoplastics and other composite material during production.

C6 Straight & Curve Saw Blade provides linear and radial cutting in a single blade.

close up of C6 straight and curve saw blade

The patented design of the Straight & Curve provides cutting teeth on the circumference and the flank so all parts of the saw can be used in the cut. The flank cutting teeth prevent a non-cutting main body from rubbing the material preventing unintended thermal stress.

The result? The Straight & Curve efficiently cuts linearly and curved paths, quickly and without damaging the workpiece.

Illustration of sawing with the Straight & Curve in increasing (left), constant (center), and decreasing (right) radiuses.


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