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Drilling & Countersinking in wavy or warped composite material

warped composite material used in aerospace manufacturing

Aerospace manufacturing requires creating thousands of rivet holes with a countersink. Wavy or warped composite stock make automating the drilling and countersink process difficult.

 Precise depth control is required for proper rivet fit.
  • Too shallow and the rivet head will extend from the material surface
  • Too deep and the rivet head will seat below the material surface

Inconsistent countersink depth due to wavy or warped stock.

Manual labor is required to countersink rivet holes or re-work existing holes by hand with heavy and awkward manual drilling units and jigs to control countersink depth.
C6 countersinking tool paired with a floating aggregate compensate for any deviation in the work material to produce countersinks of an exact depth regardless if the stock is wavy or warped.

Manual work is eliminated! 

C6 offers a range of aggregate heads to help simplify the most difficult applications! Learn More



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